Elder Scrolls Online is handing out 100K gold for perfect attendance in September

This coming fall is shaping up to be an unusual period for The Elder Scrolls Online. Toward the beginning of August, ZeniMax hinted that it’s plotting big changes to the way the game’s optional subscription works, with a significantly increased chunk of crowns (1650) for subbers along with a freebie monthly item too. At the time, it was telling players to “watch for more details this fall.”

It now appears that’s not the only thing changing, as the daily rewards are getting a huge – their words are “massive” and “colossal,” which actually seems fair – boost.

“Since Daily Rewards were introduced with Update 18, you’ve been able to acquire useful consumables, currencies, Crown Crates, and even pets, but during the month of September, we’re giving you a massive amount of gold, too. If you log in for 28 of September’s 30 days, you’ll earn a colossal 100,000 gold. This is the most gold you’ve ever been able to receive for a single activity in the game (aside from Guild Trader sales, of course), and it has the potential to dramatically change your in-game fortunes!”

That’s kind of a nice chunk of change for just clicking a button and showing up. The list includes a cosmetic outfit too, all for logging in. Not too shabby, yeah?

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