Gloria Victis trims up performance issues while planning for siege weapons and workshops

Oh, sure why not.

Performance is both an important part of any online game and also kind of boring to play around with. So it is a very good thing that Gloria Victis has improved its performance and taken care of some long-standing issues, but it’s not exactly new game mechanics. Which the development team is well aware of, hence why the latest update notes aren’t just about performance upgrades and thanks to players for bringing the reviews of the game back to Positive. It’s also a preview of coming attractions.

Siege engines should be arriving in the next few week, starting with the ballista. Players will also be able to place their own workshops in the world in the near future, along with revisions to make crafting more attractive as a whole. Combine that with plans for new quests and players should have plenty to do on the content side; until then, just enjoy a more stable and better-performing game.

Source: Steam; thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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