LOTRO adds more lockboxes and changes up endgame currency

In a recent livestream, Lord of the Rings Online CM Jerry Snook explained some of the more confusing changes coming with Update 23, most notably the adjustments to Ashes of Enchantment (which will be called “motes” going forward). These motes are used to buy older high-level gear, while Update 23’s new (and better) gear will be available only for new “ember” currency.

And hey, wouldn’t you know that a new lootbox is also arriving with Update 23 that have the possibility to pay out in embers. Lootboxes! Contain your excitement! The studio said that it is looking to “further differentiate” lootbox gear with Tier 1 dungeon gear in response to the feedback it has received.

The community wasn’t that thrilled with the heavy focus on lockboxes and the overload of currency types, with one player posting a response that criticized the addition and Standing Stone Games’ attitude toward this.

This is neither here nor there, but the Farmer’s Faire is now running in the game through September 10th.


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