MapleStory 2 will include its own player-created mission system


MapleStory 2’s sandbox elements are going to go far beyond housing and throwing a killer disco party with your three hundred best friends. Nexon is prepared to rope players into the creation process when the game launches and have the community even make their own quests for the game thanks to the Design Lab.

“Utilizing the power of the Lua programming language and MapleStory 2’s in-game tools, you’ll be given access to everything you need to tell your own stories, create dangerous mazes, or craft the ultimate combat challenges!” Nexon said. “The possibilities of what you’ll be able to create are nearly endless.”

The Design Lab won’t go live until some time after MapleStory 2’s October 10th launch. However, there will be a closed beta to test out the mission creation system prior to that, and if you’d like a shot at fiddling around with it early, you should go throw your name into the hat on the website.

Meanwhile, the latest producer blog has confirmed October 10th for the free-to-play launch of the game (founder pack buyers get on October 1st).

“This launch date was decided after thorough review of our development priorities and schedule. Even though lots of people might think the game feels ready, we do have a huge list of things we should improve and work on to successfully launch the game. Everyone working on the project wanted to say the game goes live TOMORROW, but October 10th was the earliest date we could confidently come up with. We hope everyone can patiently wait for the release while enjoying the Mushking Royale Pre-Season event. Please be assured that we are diligently working towards bringing you the best possible game along with great changes.”

The company also reiterates its promise to avoid pay-to-win and continue rolling out content after launch.

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Ashley Bau

Very interesting! I wonder just how far things can go with this system.

Brown Jenkin

It has always been weird and more than a bit friggin crazy to me that more MMOs don’t have this sort of system. For all their flaws, material like the Foundry in Neverwinter is *amazing* and pretty much assures that for folks who love PvE there is never an actual shortage of content (now “progression” masked as content might still be a problem).