No Man’s Sky works on fixing save game issues, adds archaeology missions


While it’s not officially here yet, No Man’s Sky’s newest patch is making its way through the experimental test server and promises to shore up some key issues with the recent NEXT multiplayer update.

It looks like some players were having problems with large save files, er, not saving. Which is not desirable, as you may imagine. The patch purports to correct this and preserve changes that players make to the game world itself. There’s also a change to an issue that was preventing players from going through black holes, which may be better known as “common sense.”

“Added user permissions for multiplayer, on a per-save slot basis. Settings for visibility, damage + base editing can be customised to apply to all players, friends only, or no-one,” the team wrote in the patch notes. “Improved the terrain edit saving system, reducing the chance of terrain regenerating. Further improvements to this system are in progress.”

There’s also a new activity to keep players busy with this update. Archaeology missions are being added to the types of quests given by NPCs.

Source: Steam. Thanks Kgptzac!

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