SoulWorker prepares for new dungeons, a new city, and new Haru advancement

As opposed to working with souls offline.

Everbody’s working for souls in SoulWorker. Probably. Why else would that be the game’s title? (Yes, because the weapons the characters use are tied to their souls, it was a joke.) But no one is working harder than Haru in the game’s upcoming endgame patch, since she’s getting a new advancement and a new secondary weapon along with new skills and a new outfit. You can see her strutting her stuff in the video just below, if you like watching a girl with a huge sword cut her way through enemies.

And boy, she’ll have lots of enemies to cut through with the endgame patch; there are eight new dungeons along with a new hub city for players to explore, and that’s on top of a level cap bump from 55 to 60 and plenty of quests to go along with it. The update is currently planned for September 6th, so you’ve got a little more than a week to get ready for the endgame jump.

Source: Gameforge press release