Closers launches playable Wildhüter character Wolfgang today, celebrates German localization

It’s a celebration of Germany today in En Masse’s MMORPG Closers, as the game is getting both a brand-new German character and the beginnings of localization for German language players.

“Use the summoning wizardry of Wolfgang, the first character from the new Wildhüter Closers team, to unleash powerful magic against foes. Wolfgang uses an ancient grimoire – The Black Book – to summon powerful spirits and weapons of dimensional monsters to unleash dark, violent magic against his enemies. In addition to the launch of the new German Wildhüter character, Closers will launch a German localized test pilot available today! This test pilot translates the most core aspects of the Closers experience, bringing it to a whole new audience.”

En Masse posted up the patch notes last week, noting that “a new leveling area and related content” are on the way soon. Players will also be picking up freebie loot for logging in as Wolfgang, plus login rewards for new and returning players.

Source: Press release
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