Destiny 2’s Forsaken launch trailer has arrived to frame your expansion goals

Destiny 2 is still technically a week out from the September 4th launch of the Forsaken expansion, but that just means another week of hype, starting with the official Blur Studio launch trailer out today.

Sadly, the trailer release was tarnished by the behavior of a small but loud number of selfish fans who whined on Twitter yesterday and today when Bungie kindly announced a Twitter blackout and delay of the trailer by a day in honor of the victims of the Madden tourney mass shooting. This is why we can’t have nice things.

The new video picks up almost where the last trailer left off, with a funeral for the fallen Cayde-6 and a character seemingly representing you as the player spelling out your goals inside the content drop: to find and destroy Uldren Sov, the big bad. Watch along below.

Source: YouTube
Update: Patch notes are up now!

As is the preview of upcoming content:


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On the plus side they seem to have upped the special slot ammo cap, as my sword ‘ammo’ went from 27 to 40. And it still takes out trash mobs in a single hit, so if they have nerfed the damage it’s not detrimental to my general use of it.

I found my existing shotgun moved from special slot to 1st/2nd slot, so they seem to have altered existing weapons to suit the new scheme.

And finally, no green ammo dropping any more – it’s all white or purple, and the white seems to get split evenly between 1st and 2nd slot weapons and reloads the capacity on both at the same time. [Sorry, correction – it looks like the only reason I’m not seeing green is because I don’t have a weapon that uses it slotted – it’s for Fusion rifles, Trace rifles, Sniper rifles, single-shot Grenade Launchers and Shotguns now]


What is this obsession Activision has with slowing down progress to increase /played time, though?

‘Games as a service’ I suspect, plus also it looks good on their shareholder reports now they’ve stop quoting subscriber numbers.

Danny Smith

Greasy Bungie PR: “G-guys? new raid layer… thats all we have to show. Now pls buy this paid update AND its season pass which is not gameplay content but story cutscenes! …hello? w-where are you going?”

Meanwhile, the former usebase as they skip over tumbleweeds heading to Bungie HQ in a tidal wave: “AND WE ALL LIFT, AND WE’RE ALL ADRIFT TOGETHERRRR, TOGETHERRRRRR”


As far as sensible war strategies go, Uldren Sov’s ‘Go, unleash chaos‘ is right up there with Sylvanas Windrunner’s approach :)