Lord of the Rings Online auto-mute hits musicians right in the words

Live for one night only, followed by several more nights.
It’s great that Lord of the Rings Online has an active music scene for players, complete with player-organized bands and concerts. What’s not so great is that the game’s chat restrictions seem to be tailor-made to make life very difficult for those player bands, bordering on outright impossible. The most recent patch re-implemented chat restrictions, and now those same restrictions meant to halt spam or abusive behavior is now hitting some players working through lyrics.

Essentially, the game’s spam filter is currently set to catch repeated words and speed of messages submitted and auto-flag certain accounts as spamming, which places them under a temporary mute. However, when lyricists are belting things out in chat, often with repeated words for emphasis? It’s catching their lyrics as well. While the studio is offering help for players unintentionally gagged, there’s still a lag time in removing the restriction, and musically inclined players are quite worried about what this might mean if they get auto-gagged in the middle of concerts. A bit like watching a bee fly into someone’s mouth mid-song.

Source: Official Forums, Patch Notes; thanks to Triski for the tip!

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Bango on Laurelin

The issue here is that you have SSG essentially deciding who can and who cannot roleplay. Probably better in the long run to deal with the causes of gold seller spamming rather than become the arbiter of who can and cannot hold a concert in a social mmo. But when have SSG ever done the right thing….

Robert Mann

Sad, this was/is one of the coolest things about Lotro, it is different and interesting. Losing it would be tragic.


The spammers and their customers, us usual, recking everyone fun. I’ll copy an update from the community manager on this below. I took out the big wall of text explaining the why but I’ll link to the original post.

We will be discussing this issue in the coming days, and will hopefully find a solution. …..

One possibility we will be discussing this week is whether it’s better to create a manual workaround for musicians rather than attempt to find a possibly-impossible line using the automated chat filter. It might actually be easier for us to manually flag, say, a couple hundred accounts with less-restrictive filtering than it is to build an anti-spam filter that also allows people to post the same thing over and over into a chat channel. Nothing has been decided, and we need to do some further research, before anything progresses on the subject.”


Robert Mann

At least they are looking at it. Sadly, yes, people are why people cannot have nice things.