World of Warcraft makes plans for adjusting auction house deposit prices

I don't know why Blizzard gave us the reaction image for this.

How much do you think about the auction house deposit fees in World of Warcraft? Probably not very much, considering that they’re meant to be largely incidental. They’re based on the price of a vendored item and are refunded for successful auctions, so you probably won’t notice them all that often. But the designers at Blizzard intend to make some changes to help discourage players doing things like making pages and pages of one-item stacks for auction.

The proposed change will add an additional 20% deposit based on the size of the stack, which means that, say, auctioning 200 individual Tidespray Linen will require a much larger deposit than a single stack of 200. There’s some debate about how much impact this will have on players with successful auctions, a discussion you can involve yourself in now if you want. But… maybe you should just auction in bulk to be on the safe side.

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