Final Fantasy XIV outlines its 14-hour anniversary broadcast plans

Oh no tentacles.
It’s another anniversary for Final Fantasy XIV, and that means many components to the annual anniversary celebration, including a 14-hour long broadcast starring Naoki Yoshida. The whole thing kicks off on August 31st at 11:00 p.m. EDT, followed immediately by an introduction of team members and the next Letter from the Producer LIVE stream covering the upcoming patch 4.4.

From there on out it turns into a celebration of the game, its history, and associated events, complete with Japanese voice actors chatting about the process of bringing the game’s characters to life, various comedians and musicians dropping in, and a meeting with Monster Hunter World producer Ryoto Tsujimoto about the collaboration between the two games. Obviously, a lot of this will make more sense if you’re familiar with Japanese culture, but fans of all sorts will want to keep their eyes on information coming out of the broadcast on Friday.

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I expect the Live Letter to be pretty hype with the reveal of who we’ll be fighting. If they continue the trend of 5/6/7, a Sephiroth fight is going to make people go nuts. I’ll personally be holding out for 8, but we’ll see!

Vincent Clark

I’m looking forward to the patch trailer and to see what hints can be found :)