Worlds Adrift gets ready for a big content update — and a big wipe


Get ready to have your world(s) turned upside-down come September because that’s when Worlds Adrift is going to push out a major content patch while wiping and merging the servers in the process.

“The large, PVE feature heavy update will bring many new things including the Haven (previously known as Tier 0) and a new map, which Malford is currently working on!” the team posted. “We will arrange loads of pre-wipe events closer to the date, which is currently slotted in for late September. In addition to that, word on the street is we will be reducing the total number of servers until we need to grow again. This is yet to be confirmed but that’s what it’s looking like so far.”

Some of the features that the team teased for update 27 include a Gymnothruster (think “jet pack”), a pieced-together tutorial, a new culture, and plenty of fixes.

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What happened to “git gud”? Dont say we didn’t warn you. Most players dont play games to be griefed. Good luck, but no thanks. Your hubris was and is a major turnoff.

Nynja Squirrelle

I’ll be back to the game once they open the PVE servers, but I’m glad they’re moving in that direction now – the game surged after official launch, only for player numbers to bottom out very quickly once the gankforce chased away all the new players again.