Sea of Thieves’ weekly update puts players on the map – literally


If you see a cloud on the horizon in Sea of Thieves after today’s patch… yeah no just go ahead and turn your ship around. Those clouds are filled with skeleton ships, and they’re trying to kill you, though at least the cloud was kind enough to give you a bit of warning!

The headline feature of today’s patch is actually the Cursed Crews Bilge Rat Adventure and their brand-new cursed cannonballs, plus a proper inventory system for barrels – in fact, crate drops have been improved too. Controller sensitivity has been doubled (again), and players will also be able to mark their ships on the map to provoke fights or maybe even make friends or form alliances. Haha nah. It’s for fights.

“You should always be aware that when you see another ship’s Reaper’s Mark, on the map, it doesn’t signify what ship size it is, and it doesn’t signify if they’re in an alliance, so be cautious as you’re approaching this point on the map because somebody might be using it in a devious way,” Rare says. In fact, count on it!

Source: YouTube

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