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A Dad Supreme

Log-in bonuses are a good way to get people interested in games that:

a) are “old-in-the-tooth” where everyone has exhausted the content several times on alts over many years time

b) when you’ve decided to put your game in various forms of maintenance modes due to lack of finances and don’t plan to put a lot more money in it.

c) when your dev team is either too small, too slow or too untalented to keep churning out content on a consistent basis to keep people interested

But when you have a game with a AAA budget that released on May 28, 2018 and it’s only August, log-in bonuses are just telling everyone that you likely have a serious population problem and it could be headed for serious trouble.

Bless Online sounds like it’s sending up distress flares with log-in bonuses.

Cavalier Remix
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Cavalier Remix

“Distress flares” sounds about right for Bless Online. The game’s 24-hour peak barely even reaches 1,300 concurrent players and has continued to just slide downward steadily day-by-day. And the unveiling of Bless Unleashed has certainly not helped matters, as people are justifiably jumping to the conclusion that the B2P title was nothing more than a means to funding development for the Xbox game.

At this rate, not even log-in bonuses or free gear giveaways are going to help this title. There isn’t population enough to sustain it, people are feeling either burned by the initial release in May, or betrayed now by this month’s Bless Unleashed announcement.

So it’s really just a matter of time before they F2P the MMO title for a few months, and/or see the game sunset before year’s end.