DC Universe Online is adding new movement styles as GU87 hits the test server

Sure, fine, great.
Who wants to move like everyone else in DC Universe Online? Nobody, that’s who. You want a bold and unique movement style that’s available to no one else. But failing that, perhaps you can be tempted by unique movement styles available on the game’s Marketplace now, allowing you to fly with flames shooting out of your feet or ride on tiny force discs or getting a nice colored trail behind your super-speed. So it may not be just for you, but it’s more unique!

If you’d like to see what these styles look like in action before you buy, of course, you can check out the recap in video form just below, which shows the developers cycling through all of the various styles to flaunt what’s available. It’s a rather lengthy video, however, so make sure to have an excuse before watching the full half-hour at work. (Few bosses will accept “I want to see what my superhero movement style will look like before I buy it” as an explanation.)

Meanwhile, Daybreak announced tonight that GU87 has landed on the PTS. Expect the events to begin in October!

Source: YouTube
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Aw, for a second I thought they’d added an entirely new movement style and not just new skins for the existing ones, but still cool! More customization is always welcomed, especially in superhero MMOs.