World of Warcraft buffs Feral Druids and brings back the Trial of Style


It’s another “bits and bobs” edition of World of Warcraft news, starting with this week’s hotfixes. Players logging into the game now will encounter sizable buffs to Feral Druids, allowing them to hit harder, attack longer, and generate energy faster. Good stuff!

The third season for the game’s transmog micro-holiday started today, too. Trial of Style is back for those who have it and aren’t afraid to flaunt it. Alas, there are no new transmog sets for Season 3.

Blizzard is encouraging professional gamers to sign up for the 2018 Arena World Championship fall season. “The Arena World Championship is a 3v3 tournament that takes place in the iconic battlegrounds of Azeroth,” the studio said. “In this Fall Season, we are introducing Mugambala and Hook Point, two asymmetrical arenas which were released in the Battle for Azeroth expansion.”

The studio also released the soundtrack for the new Azshara Warbringers cinematic:

And of course, today at PAX West, Blizzard’s Ion Hazzikostas will keynote at the Storytime session:

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This expansion is garbage. Change my mind.


…that’s good! Because a moment a go you said the expansion was garbage! O.o


The Druid changes actually didn’t improve our DPS. In some cases it actually lowered it. Biggest waste of time ever.

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agemyth 😩

This is the first expansion I’ve ever played that I didn’t continue with my priest first, and I happened to choose Druid and feral. No complaints though (other than never seeing my armor). It still feels like I kill things fast and don’t have problems surviving.


Its a side-grade at best, maybe even a small nerf for people already stacking haste because of this:

Feral increase to Haste secondary stat value has been reduced to 25% (was 50%).

And the worst AOE class in the game got this:

Thrash energy cost reduced to 40 (was 45). Thrash damage reduced by 11%.

Barring a flat ~10% buff across the board to all feral abilities, they’ll probably continue getting the “boomy?” question from group leaders.


Man I love me some Trial of Style! Reminds me of CoH’s costume contests.

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Druid really needed this for sure!

Matthew Riddle

Yeah I was surprised to see Feral druid in last place in the DPS charts right next to Balance druid. As a newer player, I was like “wow, Druid needs some DPS love”