PAX West 2018: Elder Scrolls Online’s Murkmire arrives on the PTS September 17

At its PAX West presentation last night, ZeniMax showed attendees an overview of content coming in Elder Scrolls Online’s upcoming Murkmire DLC, which will hit the PTS on September 17th and launch by the end of the year on both PC and console.

In addition to quest content revolving around the seldom-highlighted Argonian race, Murkmire is expected to include “housing editor improvements, character reordering” as well as “destructible bridges and better ways to cut off enemies in PvP.” Bethsoft has also promised a 4-man arena, Blackrose Prison.

MOP’s Larry Everett is attending PAX West for us this year, so stay tuned for his in-depth reporting!

Source: Twitch
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Oleg Chebeneev

Thats a badass mount at 11:45.
Swamp zones look pretty neat

Matthäus Wey

Why would you place trees that are so big that the engine won’t cast shadows on them and now they glow and look completely displaced (Stream 9:12)…

Despite that, the new zone looks neat and the cyrodill changes seem also really interesting