Portal Knights weathers a villain invasion and goes on sale


When good players do nothing, evil mobs triumph. So why not get out there and punch evil in its face? Portal Knights needs a lot of help with this following Thursday’s Villainous Update.

A trio of new epic bosses have arrived in the game and stand defiant that anyone can beat them. In addition to these fights, a ranger’s guild has moved into Hintertown, a smart camera option has been added, and more options have arrived in creative mode. Players will also discover that completed events now pay out in XP and gold.

If you haven’t picked up Portal Knights yet, it’s an excellent time to do so. The studio has deeply discounted the game on Steam, taking 60% off the base price. This means that instead of paying $20, you can get Portal Knights for just $8 through September 6th. Not bad!

Source: Steam
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