Shroud of the Avatar starts shipping its collector’s editions


Here’s a welcome bit of news for those who have been waiting for their physical feelies from Shroud of the Avatar: Collector’s Editions are being shipped as we speak, and retail boxes are coming to Amazon in the near future.

“The Collector’s Boxes are shipping from the manufacturer and have already started arriving,” Portalarium posted. “We have multiple confirmations of them arriving at our backers’ homes complete with all sorts of beautiful goodies!”

Shroud of the Avatar pushed out Release 57 this past week with a preview of player-made dungeons and the ability to dye decorations. Listen to the developers discuss the player-made dungeon feature below!


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I’m happy with the CE contents. A tually very nice. The box however, is average. IMO they really skimped on the box from what was touted during Kickstarter.

That said, having a signed cloth map by LB (as well as a deed) is pretty fantastic. Exodus:Ultima III is what got me into gaming in the first place. I’ll frame this.

I really love some aspects of SotA and am disappointed in others, but overall I’m happy with it and especially the community that exists within. One of the best in gaming.

Anthony Clark

For some reason after seeing what’s in that box, I want it.