Camelot Unchained recaps a week’s progress while showing off animations

Upon the fields of barley etc

If you missed it, Camelot Unchained has spent the week testing. Patience? No, testing the game, and there’s even an hour-long Q&A session recapping all of the work that’s been done testing. But there’s also a weekly update covering the things that have been tested if you don’t feel the impulse to sit and watch a lengthy video. Even with an appearance at DragonCon, the team has remained hard at work and dedicated to building all sorts of fun new stuff.

Among the new things in progress are animations (shown off in the video just below), new tech for siege damage and structure stability, and new models for armor and environmental decoration. There’s still plenty of work to be done on the game, but you can see how far it’s coming in even its early tests if you click on through to read the full weekly recap. Or you can watch the archived Q&A below, starting with the sort of inexplicable tech problems that we’ve all dealt with before.

Source: Official Site, YouTube

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Kind of wish I could test the beta more then I do, but I rarely have any idea when the servers are on or when the testing is happening. It seems to always be at sometime during the middle of the night for me.

Mark Jacobs

We have a Google Sheet that lists all the times for server testing, haven’t you seen it?

As a general rule though, here’s when we test:

11AM Eastern Time – 6PM Eastern Time during the week.

Weekends – 12-3PM (this can vary by a few hours) on Saturday or Sunday. As as add more game to the game, we’ll have a longer run time for the tests.

Mark Jacobs


Three things:

1) As pointed out below, these are meant to be rare occurrences and surprises for players.

2) A little bit of humor never hurt anybody.

3) Some people might say the same thing can be said about, let me think, hmmm, having to fly towards a space station and slowly have to land your ship right? And unlike that procedure, these types of animations are short, fun, rare and relatively inexpensive for our studio to produce and iterate on.

I look forward to the day when Chris adds some stuff like this to his game and you say how immersive and fun it is and only somebody with such a strong vision and dedication to making a geeat game could have done it! :)


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These animations are fantastic!

Mark Jacobs


Thanks, we’re getting there. Not there yet, but we’re getting there. :)

Building your own animation system has its drawbacks but like our networking tech, it will pay off in the end as it is starting to do now.



Way to burn that anti-fanboy’s tuchis. ;)

Mark Jacobs

LOL, I wasn’t trying to do that Siphaed, I actually like OC. Some of his non-trollish comments have been spot-on, but when he tries a bit too hard to find something wrong, I don’t mind throwing a little bit of snark right back at him. :)

I take it as a bit of good fun, especially after a few long, fairly sleepless but enjoyable days at Dragon Con.

Cheers all!

Oleg Chebeneev

What is the point of those moves? Like rotating spear, flashing a sword. Looks silly imo.

Also while death animation is funny the first time, I imagine after 100th dying with hammer landing on the belly, it will grow old and meh.

Rolan Storm

Every time… :D

Ludovic Darkstar

The death animation does say (Low Occurrence) albeit misspelt, thus suggesting it’ll be a rare fun event.
I could be wrong, but that’s my take on it.