Camelot Unchained recaps a week’s progress while showing off animations

Upon the fields of barley etc

If you missed it, Camelot Unchained has spent the week testing. Patience? No, testing the game, and there’s even an hour-long Q&A session recapping all of the work that’s been done testing. But there’s also a weekly update covering the things that have been tested if you don’t feel the impulse to sit and watch a lengthy video. Even with an appearance at DragonCon, the team has remained hard at work and dedicated to building all sorts of fun new stuff.

Among the new things in progress are animations (shown off in the video just below), new tech for siege damage and structure stability, and new models for armor and environmental decoration. There’s still plenty of work to be done on the game, but you can see how far it’s coming in even its early tests if you click on through to read the full weekly recap. Or you can watch the archived Q&A below, starting with the sort of inexplicable tech problems that we’ve all dealt with before.

Source: Official Site, YouTube
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