PAX West 2018: Anthem shuns content paywalls, lockboxes while embracing ‘reactive storytelling’


More information from BioWare’s Anthem presentation at PAX West this weekend has continued to roll out, bolstering the gorgeous trailer and potentially worrisome story-related statements from Saturday.

Executive Producer Mark Darrah has doubled down on earlier revelations that Anthem will not embrace lootboxes of any sort. It will have “cosmetic stock” in the cash shop, but everything there will also be acquirable in-game. Do note that as in a typical MMORPG, some of the best weapons and gear will be gated to four-man “raids” – their word, not ours.

Maybe more importantly, BioWare says it won’t be locking any of the game’s content behind paywalls, in the interests of keeping people together to “experience the same stories.” Post-launch content updates and DLC will likewise be free-to-play.

As for the storytelling itself – BioWare’s “reinvention” of multiplayer narrative – well, that’s not just for Anthem and Anthem alone. BioWare says to expect similar “reactive storytelling” in future games, “whether it’s Dragon Age or the other one that starts with ‘Mass’.

In case you missed it, here’s the PAX trailer again in all its glory:

Source: VG247
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