Sea of Thieves rolling out bug-fixes for Athena Voyages and banana-eating pigs

Splash, ah-ah

The salty dogs at Rare took to Twitter today to announce that the dev team is still hard at work implementing fixes for various issues that have sprung up in the wake of Sea of Thieves’s patch 1.2.4, which went live late last week. The update posted this morning announced that the team was in the process of rolling out a fix for Athena Voyages.

More importantly, however, it also includes a phrase that might not have been uttered (or written) in the history of the English language prior to this point, as it notes that the fix will also “[ensure] that pigs will now correctly accept bananas and live to tell the tale.” Now, I don’t have time to unpack all of that, but I have to wonder why the pigs were refusing bananas — or why accepting them was apparently lethal — and moreover, to whom the now-surviving pigs will be telling the tale, and by what means? At any rate, implications of porcine sapience aside, the tweet concludes that players can expect the aforementioned issues to be completely resolved by tomorrow morning (September 4th). Until then, perhaps consider putting your pigs on a banana-free diet.

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