Worlds Adrift’s 26th update is due to launch tomorrow with the alliance system


Worlds Adrift players should prepare for incoming… an incoming patch, that is. Last week, Boss brought a functioning build for Update 26 to the test server, and it’s slated for release tomorrowday.

“PTS has just been updated to the latest RC build of Update 26, which means we are very likely to release next week! We are aiming for Tuesday and unless things absolutely set fire, after daily maintenance you will have Update 26 on your game with Alliances, updated UI and Motion Blur toggles – HOW EXCITING IS THAT? Full patch notes on the day of the release!”

Pretty exciting. As for update 27, the devs are already working on that too; expect map tweaks, turrets, SFX, bug fixes, questing, drunk effects, and the gymnothruster. It’s worth clicking on the links just to see 10 gifs of people being super drunk in some of the least safe places in Worlds Adrift.

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