Crowfall’s September ACE Q&A video tackles siege warfare, ranged combat adjustments, and more

and we do a STOMP and a CRUSH and a YELL and a

Crowfall Design Lead Thomas Blair and Creative Director J. Todd Coleman are back again for the monthly ACE Q&A video, where they field questions from Crowfall backers and give insight into the game’s future direction. The topics in this month’s video are diverse, but many of them share a common thread in that they deal with issues and additions that the devs plan to address in the upcoming 5.8 update.

Blair and Coleman first delve into questions regarding Crowfall’s siege and territory-capture systems, announcing that players can expect improvements to the siege alert system in 5.8 as well as detailing how some outpost guards were accidentally given superhuman long-distance marksmanship abilities. And on the topic of outrageous sniping ranges, they also note that Rangers will have theirs toned down a bit in the near future, preventing them from picking off enemy players from beyond the horizon. Also on the table are the mechanics of weapon weight, planned adjustments to the skill training system, and the design process governing racial abilities. For all the behind-the-scenes details, you can check out the full Q&A video after the cut.

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