Destiny 2’s Forsaken DLC is officially live today – are you going back?

It’s happening! Destiny 2’s Forsaken expansion is rolling out today – right as this post goes live, in fact, at 1 p.m. EDT and around the globe.

As we’ve previously covered, the biggest expansion to date for Bungie’s second go at the Destiny IP features the 4v4 coop PvP mode Gambit, a new storyline, the Dreaming City “raid,” the Tangled Shore zone, a huge gear rebalance, and new combat moves, plus smaller quality-of-life tweaks, user interface love, and more packrat space.

How many core MMORPG players are still in Destiny 2, I wonder? If you are returning, check out the player-designed infographic designed to bring former players back up to speed on everything that’s happened since launch. There’s a ton of good community stuff coming out today!

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Simon Kolomar

Yep. I am back into the game. It’s fun.

Danny Smith

No. Loved the first. Got a bunch of merch like a hunter themed hoodie and life sized Ghost but this is not the team that made that game. This doesn’t even feel like a team that wants to pick up the pieces and continue with the ex bungie memebers baby and are doing it just because they are contractually obliged to.
The whole game, forsaken included, feels like a game that will forever be stuck in catchup because they thought they could scam the consumer into putting money down for a content light cash shop scam. As we all know it didn’t exactly become the darling they wanted and everything since feels like a mad scramble to try and make ‘what will make you all come back’ and not what was actually the concrete plan all along. Honestly at this point i don’t think they have one.

I’ll have my fond memories of waking up in a ancient car wreck in the cosmodrome and being told “hey i’m a ghost, actually i’m your ghost. look theres a lot to explain and i dont have a lot of time” through VoG, exploring the Dreadnaught, The Siva Crisis and all ending up with a final quest back at that spot as some gear up super hero with “can you believe
what we have been through” ending.

For me that really was the end in retrospect. That was the flawed attempt to bring Joe Staten’s dream to life. It was far from perfect but i can live with that ending being the closed book on a failed attempt at some huge media thing and just pretend the solid year of trash based around a “we are not so different, you’re traveller and i” absolute shitshow of a script never happened.

Heres hoping Forsaken is what the remaining players wanted but they burned me and mine good enough that none of us are coming back and we get what we wanted in Warframe which is a better experience.

-being free also helps. D2 currently will cost you more than 3 years of D1 and all its dlc just to have the latest content. Have fun adding up how much that ends up when D3 comes out. If it does.


I don’t think Destiny 2 is a bad game but even though I want to try to make time for sometimes I can never really justify it.

Loyal Patron

They lost me with the multiple XP shenanigans combined with locking content that was in the original release of Destiny 2 behind DLC. Maybe I’ll be back someday, but it will require massive changes to the game to catch my interest enough to outweigh my annoyance with their business practices.


Nah, I’m good. I don’t think I’ve played D2 in a few months anyway. There was only one of the story’s characters I found interesting (Cayde) and they killed him off. Oh, and I liked the original story’s wacky AI (Fallout? Fall-something). But that was about it.

Loyal Patron
Patreon Donor

While I did enjoy the game when it came out and I do feel I have gotten my money’s worth out of it, I won’t be getting the DLC.

I enjoy Warframe quite a bit more so I’ll just keep playing that to get my coop shooter fix.


Nope, their DLC is a scam and way too expensive for the content they offer.

Kickstarter Donor

Will I play it again at some point..sure.
Am I going back specifically for this.. nope, not at all.
Reasons.. many

Anthony Clark

Now that I’ve found out that you can’t get the pre-order items until you finish the new campaign I’m thoroughly ticked off.

This is the same B.S. as the new WoW expansion, and how you can’t get the new races ( which are just reskins ) upon purchase. Makes the pre-purchase/purchase feel worthless.

Never pre-ordering from Blizz-Activision again.

Not reccommending this to anyone I know that’s stopped playing. No reason to return. At all. Screw them.


Not a chance. All of the changes they made from 1 – 2 were for the worse without adding anything new.

They’re major selling points are just moving numbers around without adding any real content.

Show me brand new enemies not morphed or mutated versions of the old ones.