EverQuest II merges one of its last remaining time-locked expansion servers into Antonia Bayle today

Today might be an odd one for some EverQuest II players as the Stormhold server will soon cease to be (if it hasn’t already, depending on when this post goes live) when it gets merged into the Antonia Bayle server. Although server merges are pretty standard affairs, especially for older games with fluctuating populations, this one is somewhat unusual in that the Stormhold server was one of the last remaining Time-Locked Expansion servers following the removal of the Deathtoll server, which itself was merged with Stormhold back in 2016.

Players on Antonia Bayle and Stormhold shouldn’t have too much to worry about in preparation for the merge; mail and bank inventories will both be transferred over with the merge, as will player housing, dungeons, and most other relevant item-storage facilities. The server-merge FAQ does note, however, that players should retrieve any soulbound items from shared housing (e.g. guild halls) to prevent losing ownership of said items. The FAQ also provides details on how issues regarding duplicate character and guild names will be handled following the merge, among other potential issues, so if you want more details on how this is going to pan out, you can check out the FAQ on the game’s official site.

Source: EverQuest II official site via Twitter. The original version of this article incorrectly identified Stormhold as the last remaining TLE server; our deepest apologies to Fallen Gate, which is still humming along.
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