Final Fantasy XI plans for weapon improvements with its next patch


Want to further augment some of the best weapons in Final Fantasy XI? The September version update is bringing along new improvements for things like Relic Weapons and Aeonic Weapons, so you can make those tools of destruction a bit more… well, destructive. It should also be easier to augment gear for solo and small-group players, although the content remains targeted at players who have already earned their job stars and thus have few other avenues of advancement available.

Moving on, the patch will also include a usual new rotation for Ambuscade as will as new tomes to enhance gear made with the synthesis system. It should be more than enough content for fans to chew on through September, although you’re going to want to be downing the third wave of foes in Dynamis – Divergence to make full use of the systems included. So best get practicing on that if you’re still struggling at that point.

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Every time I hear about this game I’m surprised that such an old game is still subscriber only and not f2p.