Star Citizen’s latest Reverse the Verse video focuses on persistent universe design


Roberts Space Industries recently released its latest Reverse the Verse video dev-blog, and it’s a doozy. The full video, which is chock-full of information that’s sure to be of interest to Star Citizen fans, clocks in at just over an hour long, but thankfully for those of us who lack the time and/or attention spans for a feature-length dev vlog, the fine folks at Star Citizen fansite Relay have put together an easily digestible summary of the video’s main points.

Although there’s not nearly enough space here to include every piece of information here, some of the highlights include discussion of the game’s real-estate system, mission updates in the upcoming patch 3.3, and potential space-weather phenomena, to name just a few. The team’s approach to real-estate seems to be of particular interest, as the devs hope to implement it such that hangars and habitation modules are non-instanced, making real estate at popular stations and/or in more convenient locations more desirable and thus more expensive, creating a realistic, fluctuating real-estate economy. Information-hungry fans can check out the full tl;dr summary over at Relay, or if you’ve got an hour to spare, you can click past the cut for the full Reverse the Verse video.

Source: Relay
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