Black Desert counts 10M global registered users, plus news on today’s patch, Pearl Abyss benefits, and the Drieghan teaser trailer

Remember last week when Pearl Abyss and Kakao claimed Black Desert’s playerbase had seen a “massive surge” thanks to the game’s visual remaster? “Black Desert Online has seen an average week-over-week increase of 103.6% in returning players and a 24.2% increase in new player acquisition across NA/EU regions,” the studios said, while not discussing the game’s actual playerbase size. The game has a new PR out today announcing 10M registered users worldwide. That’s up from 7.65M a year ago.

“Currently, the game is available in over 150 countries, 12 languages and has more than 2.4 billion hours of gameplay. […] Following the release [of the remaster], the number of returning users increased 104% month-over-month in North America and Europe, 246% in Taiwan, 144% in Turkey. The number of new users increased 24% month-over-month in North America and Europe, 35% in Turkey.”

In other BDO news, MMO Culture has an article up this week covering a revamped employe benefits program rolling out to Pearl Abyss in Korea this month. It seems laudably generous, at least to me here in the US; it includes IVF coverage, eldercare support, a month of vacation, and childcare services.

Today is also patch day for the MMORPG itself: The update adds guild alliances, improves swimming, integrates new story quests for entering Aakman and Hystria, and changes the Node War ruleset. Again.

Finally, the studios have released a new teaser trailer for the free-to-play Drieghan expansion still scheduled for launch later in 2018. “This update will feature a large mountainous area, over 300 challenging quests, fresh nodes to conquer and a new menacing dragon boss called Garmoth,” Kakao says. The game will be playable at EGX later this month.

Source: Press release, patch notes, MMO Culture
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I love the blend of cultural aesthetics used here. Felt all at once Mongolian, Tibetan, Norse, Slavic, and even a slight hint of the British Isles (as it would have been under King Alfred the Great). At least in my opinion.

Rn r

not surprised, best mmo on marker


Let’s remember that BD is B2P, so “10 million registered users” basically only means that in all of their time on sale, they’ve sold 10 million units.
That’s nothing to sneeze at, but it’s a fairly narrowly-contrived way to report numbers. It means nothing about current users or game populations.

Toy Clown

Definitely. I quit playing over a month ago and of all the people I met in the two years I played, only one is still playing. Also, many people have several accounts, buying them up when they go on 50% sale so they can get the freebies for refer-a-friend type features. I have two accounts myself.

It’s a beautiful MMO, but is the most expensive MMO on the market to play for a B2P” game, and there’s very little engaging content to partake in that other players can’t harass and grief you doing.


Exactly. I’m in that 10 million number but haven’t played in a year probably. I have zero characters at max level because I get to high 40’s/low 50s and just get bored to tears and quit.

Rolan Storm

So beautiful. But no. Never again.


I came back and was enjoying the game again.

Then I was slapped in the face with RNG continually and realized why I stopped playing before. The push to mitigate RNG with RMT is real. It is even a meme now in chat. Going to bow out as I did before, it is just not for me.