Bless Online’s Rift of Space and Time update is live with new endgame content


If there’s an honest to goodness rift in space and time, you should probably not be wasting your precious seconds left in the universe playing video games. On second thought, maybe it’s not such a bad idea after all. Let’s just do that. And in fact, playing Bless Online’s Rift of Space and Time would be a damn ironic way to go. Conveniently, it’s live this morning on Neowiz’s western early access beta servers.

As we’ve previously covered, the update is headlined by its eponymous endgame content aimed at soloers and three-man groups. “The Rift of Space and Time offers players a new type of end-game quest: a wave defense challenge featuring two stages with differing maps, random monster waves, and a whopping 20 rounds,” the studio explains. “Better yet, this challenge is one of the ways to obtain a new type of equipment, bracelets! Bracelets can be obtained by completing related quests, killing boss monsters, and as a ranking reward in Rift of Space of Time. The efficiency of bracelets can differ depending on the acquisition method.”

Level 45 random dungeons are also live today, as are a handful of bug fixes, new cash shop buyables, and a bonus experience/drop event.

Source: Steam
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