Star Trek Online is streamlining its mission system and bringing back the Breach on September 6

Soak up the srun on the breach.
The realities of scale in Star Trek Online mean that you don’t frequently get to fly a starship through another starship. You kind of do get to with the Breach, though, wherein captains will take on the Voth Fortress from the inside out. A new streamlined version of the conflict will take place starting on September 6th, allowing newer characters a first chance to dive into the enemy structure and old veterans another chance to head back in and shoot some dinosaurs in spaceships.

Players will be able to earn a special commendation for completing the Breach queue once every 20 hours, with 14 such commendations used to obtain a special combat pet along with other currency rewards. The queue will be available from September 6th until September 27th, so you should have more than enough time to get your flying missions in and get your reward; just be prepared to shoot open the door and walk the dinosaur. Or… fly it. That one got away from us.

Meanwhile, this afternoon PWE and Cryptic announced big changes to the story experience in the game – specifically aimed at bringing older missions up to par.

“The first thing we’ve done is rework the flow of the mission journal. Instead of making every mission part of the story, we’ve decided to focus the story on the principal narrative arcs of the struggles of the various Galactic powers in the four quadrants. Some of our older ‘side’ missions are no longer in the journal proper – you can still find these missions in the galaxy at large, but they’re not part of the directed journal experience. We’ve taken out the ‘Wasteland,’ ‘Spectres,’ ‘Breen Invasion,’ and ‘2800/Lost Dominon’ mission groups in this fashion, so you can still play them, you just won’t be sent directly to them as part of the leveling process.”

The Klingon War content and episodes are also getting some polish (they’ve been removed for now until that’s finished) and new task force operation missions are popping up in the journal. “These missions direct your characters to participate in various Task Force Operations like Romulan Imperial Minefield or Khitomer Accord,” explains PWE. “When your captain accepts or completes one of these missions, it unlocks that TFO for the captain – so you can play some of the TFOs at lower levels now! Don’t worry if you’re a veteran, though; you still have access to TFOs when you reach level 50, even if you didn’t complete these handoff missions.”

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