Aion 6.0 arrives in the EU on September 19

This is all good.
It’s always darkest just before the dawn, and Aion is about to get a new dawn in the EU. The game’s European version will bring out patch 6.0 on September 19th and is promising the feel of an entirely new game. That may be overly ambitious, but you can evaluate that for yourself in the near future. Heck, you can sign up to beta test the patch right now if you want and get a feel for it even earlier, although it is a signup rather than a certain acceptance.

Players who get in on the patch beta testing will need to make a new account for the test, so you can’t test on your familiar account. Still, it should give you a chance to try out the new features, which are detailed in the latest community video just below. There’s also a teaser page if you’d prefer to learn about all of this in text form.

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Didnt play since pretty much some time after the release, gonna give it a shot, cant hurt.

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Know what?…why the hell not. I keep it updated on my computer, so whenever the NA version is out I’ll give it another spin, especially if they’re making leveling improvements.