Albion Online patch brings minor changes and fixes


Multiplatform fantasy sandbox MMO Albion Online has received a small update today, bringing a few changes and fixes to the game. The changes are relatively minor ones, such as making sure that muted players can’t contact you via chat or in-game mail, altering the color of swamp-biome roads to make them more distinct from the surrounding land, and toning down the damage dealt by imps. The fixes, likewise, are fairly small, largely focusing on marketplace and UI updates, but we’re sure players will welcome them nevertheless.

Also, last weekend marked the start of the community-run Albion Racing League, which is exactly what it sounds like. Players competed against one another in a variety of racing leagues, including foot races, tier-two mule races, and tier-four horse races, as well as an “open class anything goes” league. Although the first event has already concluded, if you want to get in on the next one, be sure to follow the relevant thread on the game’s official forums.


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I often wonder how Albion Online is faring.

I tried it briefly, but it wasn’t for me. I just couldn’t get my head around the game’s art style (totally a personal thing) — and the fact that the game was very much tied to PvP action (less so now, I’m told), that left only a limited number of things for me to do in the game, anyway.

All this said, Albion Online isn’t quite like any other online fantasy game out there that I’m aware of — and gamers are always saying that they want something different from the same old “WoW-alikes”.

It makes me wonder if the game has found its audience yet. I know it launched with some issues and problems, but most games do these days.

Enough time has passed since launch, I wonder if Albion Online has found its niche of faithful players. Any Massively readers playing and liking the game?

Just pondering, I guess …

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Thank you for taking the time to type out your opinions, Thomas. I very much appreciate hearing your thoughts on this one.


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