Final Fantasy XIV offers up its trailer for Prelude in Violet

Things could be going better!
Be fairly warned that the trailer for Final Fantasy XIV patch 4.4, Prelude in Violet, will not answer all of your questions about the patch and what it contains. It will, in fact, leave you with as many questions as you had before, if not possibly adding more. But it will give you a glimpse at what’s coming next with the game’s patch, and with any luck it will serve nicely to build your anticipation for same. There’s a lot contained herein to anticipate.

Expect to see bits from the upcoming trial, the final set of Omega bosses, the new dungeons, and the main scenario… along with several segments from the continued Doman reconstruction that also manage to look ominous in context. The patch site has also been updated, showing off more of the new features arriving with the update like new Eternal Bond options and the new mannequin decorations for housing.

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