TERA announces Happily Evil After update for PC, bringing Ninja class to consoles this month

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September is shaping up to be a good month for TERA players on PC and console alike, as both versions are set to receive some pretty major content updates over the next couple of weeks. On September 13th, PC players will be getting the Happily Evil After update, which features the return of dastardly foes from the the game’s history, including the dark lord Dakuryon, who returns as part of a “new and improved” version of the Shadow Sanguinary dungeon.

Shortly thereafter, on September 18th, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 players will receive a whole new class in the form of the shadow-stalking Ninja. As the Ninja, players will wield massive shuriken to assault foes with deadly hit-and-run tactics, agile evasive maneuvers, and fiery chi blasts. You can check out the Ninja in action prior to its official console release in the game’s latest trailer after the cut.

Source: Press Release, Games Press
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