Bless Online cracks down on bots, sketches out maintenance compensation plans


Neowiz is gunning for the bots in Bless Online. In fact, the studio says in its latest Steam update that it’s already cracked down on miscreants.

“On August 30th, we completed a wave of removal, during which time numerous offenders were eliminated, and we don’t plan on stopping there,” the company announced. “We take these violations seriously, and will continue to remove those accounts and individuals who we determine to engage in activities through which they are knowingly degrading the play experience for others, and ultimately contribute to toxicity within our community.”

In addition to the feeling of satisfaction that cheaters are being dealt with, Bless players are getting another good thing today: a make-good promise for emergency maintenance downtime. Players will see a “premium buff extension” for maintenance that runs past the five-hour mark, temporary buff items if the maintenance runs half an hour over, and both for unplanned downtime.

“We also want to compensate players in cases of critical errors within the game. As such, in the case of these errors causing players to lose items or buffs, we will restore the items and give an additional gift of Lumena to the player according to the severity of the error. Compensation will be given to all players affected by critical errors, and the case of maintenances, to players who have logged into the game approximately 24 hours before and/or after the start of the maintenance.”

Bless rolled out its Rift of Space and Time update on Wednesday, though by SteamCharts’ measure its playerbase continues to shrink.

Source: Steam

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So players leave and they ban bots, no wonder they lose 100 players a day.


I knew this was going to be a cashgrab before it even launched.

And still people buy these pile of crap and support it so other studio’s continue to milk those same low standard players.

For the love of god people stop giving your money to these studio’s so they put more effort in their games.

We deserve so much more then those turds who are nothing but a one day cashgrab and gets zero support afterwards.

And like Colin Goodwin said… it is the same rap people behind Bless Unleashed..

Colin Goodwin

Honestly who fvcking cares, what I wanna see is an article breaking down how the CM’s of Bless Unleashed reddit and whoever is running the Twitter of Bless Unleashed is deliberately misleading potential players by trying to sperate “Studio 8” and Neowiz when in fact studio 8 is just the Steam Bless team minus 4 members plus some new randos, which is all, in fact, still fvcking Neowiz. It’s honestly the most shady disgusting PR campaign I’ve ever witnessed and some of those poor Xbox snaps have no clue what a scam Steam Bless is and how terribly they’ve handled all of the Failed Bless releases over the years.