DragonCon 2018: Secret World Legends is finally getting a new scenario

Since the inception of scenarios back in The Secret World, there has always been a promise of more to come. And now, that promise will be finally be fulfilled in Secret World Legends.

I had the chance to speak with Community Manager Andy Benditt at DragonCon last weekend, and he gave me the heads-up about the addition of a totally new scenario type coming to the game focused on defense. Soon, on top of the “Seek and Preserve” scenario that players already know, there will be an “Occult Defense” one.

Benditt said more information would be forthcoming at the end of the week, and now here we are: Lead Designer Chris “Nirvelle” Meredith has put out an informal dev letter with a few more teasers.

How will this scenario be different from the one veterans already know and love? This new type takes rescuing survivors out of the equation; the only survival you need to worry about here is yours. Downtime intermissions have also been removed. What players will see instead are unpredictable, fast-paced enemies coming at them in waves — waves that will increase in difficulty the longer players can hold out. This new scenario is already in testing, and according to Meredith, “initial feedback has been overwhelmingly positive.”

If you are eager to learn more, keep an eye out as we’ll be bringing you a more in-depth look at Occult Defense as information becomes available.

Source: DragonCon & SWL informal dev letter. Also thanks to Kinya and Phil for the dev letter tip!
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