Revelation Online details dungeon difficulty revamp in upcoming New Sulan update

Revelation Online’s upcoming New Sulan update is bringing some big changes to the game’s dungeon system, which will have its difficulty modes streamlined. With the streamlined difficulties, players will be able to enter normal dungeons up to 20 times per week, whereas higher-difficulty dungeons will be accessible only once or twice per day, depending on the dungeon in question.

All dungeon difficulties will reward players with new prizes, and upon completing a dungeon, players will receive three rewards of different values, and the further they progress, the better the rewards. The dungeon difficulty revamp will, however, render some achievements unobtainable, so completionists will want to make sure they grab those before they’re gone forever. The full details of the dungeon difficulty rework, as well as a list of all the soon-to-be legacy achievements, can be found in the official post on the game’s site.


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