Riders of Icarus previews its upcoming Shadows of Turimnan update


Riders of Icarus took to Twitter this week to announce that its next major content update Shadow of Turimnan will be coming soon, bringing with it a bevy of new features and content. In addition to raising the level cap to 67, the update will also allow players to venture into the titular Turimnan Valley, “an ancient land inhabited by insects.” Lovely.

Players will be able to experience the next chapter of the game’s narrative as they seek to recover the missing Demonic Stone and brave the dangers of the Tomb of the Wyrm to defeat Kurodian to get to Magmafora, which we assume will hold meaning for people who have played the game. To assist them on their journeys, players will be able to tame over 15 new familiars, including the bizarre but awesome glowing skywhale seen in the header image.

For more details about the Shadow of Turimnan update, check out the overview on the game’s official site.