Sea of Thieves’ Forsaken Shores trailer has landed with plenty of clues and spoilers


Rare delayed the release of its Sea of Thieves Forsaken Shores trailer yesterday in the wake of emergency maintenance and bugs, but it’s finally here now.

“Fiery volcanoes, thundering earthquakes, a terrible tale and more await crews brave enough to venture to The Devil’s Roar,” Rare says, but it’s what the studio isn’t saying that has Reddit on fire. Gamers are pointing to new clothing, new jewelry, cosmetic face paint, new hulls and sails, and even the crab, which just adds to the speculation ongoing about ship customization. Anything could be a clue, or it could just be some random thing thrown in by the video editors. Wheee!

Forsaken Shores makes landfall on September 19th. In the meantime, enjoy the new sea shanty in the teaser!

Source: Twitter
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