Camelot Unchained discusses development of destructible deathmatch castle, new art assets


Development on Camelot Unchained seems to be coming along nicely, and the folks at City State Entertainment have posted a new weekly update detailing the week’s progress. On top of “important-but-unsexy things” such as security updates and other behind-the-scenes tech improvements, this week’s Top Tenish list includes information about the progress on developing a destructible deathmatch castle, the first-pass design of mage skills, and a whole lot more.

A good deal of the list is dedicated to art updates, as the visual design team seems to have been hard at work creating new armor concepts — some of which you can see for yourself on the official post — as well as making adjustments to the game’s character models and animations. If this week’s Top Tenish update doesn’t have enough fresh Camelot Unchained info to satisfy you, you’ll be happy to know that Mark Jacobs was back yesterday for the weekly update livestream as well, which you can find in full after the cut.

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