WRUP: The journey of my wife going back to World of Warcraft edition

Baaaaad writing.

The following is all only lightly edited from actual speaking.

  • “Yeah, let’s go play some World of Warcraft! I’m excited!”
  • “Oh, hey, I hadn’t seen the cinematic before now.”
  • “Wow, I wish that all of the stories in this game didn’t end with raids.”
  • “I hate how much of the story is locked behind the novels and stuff I don’t care about and never want to watch.”
  • “Oh, right, I can’t just play, I have to download addons because the default UI is garbage.”
  • “Ugh, why is it so hard to install these things…”
  • “Wait, did they seriously change the interface?”
  • “Of course, my talent choices have been reset again.”
  • “God, every single time I get back to this game I have to learn everything all over like it’s sort of the same game but not really.”
  • “Looks like tonight is just going to be sorting out the garbage that no longer matters because forget the old expansion.” (Loud sighing followed.)
  • “A scenario?! Ain’t nobody got time for that!”
  • “Why does my Highmountain Druid still not have elk horns in Moonkin form?!”

I then asked her if she minded my making this the What Are You Playing topic. She approved. Thank you.

Andrew Ross (@dengarsw): ​Work’s been rough. Luckily, my Pokemon Go group’s doing Moltres Day in force, so I’ll blow off some steam there. It looks kinda cool, plus hopefully I’ll get some of the enhanced lucky Pokemon that’re going around.

Brianna Royce (@nbrianna, blog): I just want to sleep after this week y’all. But I’m sure I’ll be messing with my Star Wars Galaxies Legends vendors instead. My very own spreadsheets in space. I’ve also got my Ultima Online account on, and I told myself this time I need to really decide whether I’m dropping my house and letting my account go indefinitely. I’ve done it before, and I always regret it, but SWG has my sandbox heart.

Eliot Lefebvre (@Eliot_Lefebvre, blog): Playing some World of Warcraft with my wife, playing some Final Fantasy XIV with friends, playing some Granblue Fantasy alone. Yeah, that’ll work out fine.

MJ Guthrie (@MJ_Guthrie, blog): I don’t think I will be doing much gaming as I will be prepping to take munchkin to Cali and there are many things to get done. I do plan to be logging into The Elder Scrolls Online for the September rewards but I hope to spend a little time in a survival game or two, starting with Rend.

Patron Pierre: I don’t have a lot of time or energy left to play any games lately, as work is draining most of it. I hope I’ll get some time to play Destiny 2 Forsaken anyway: My Clan is really enjoying the new content, and I’d really like to join the party. I’m also playing World of Warcraft quite casually, mainly to chill off, turning brain off to farm and grind for a little while. Enjoy your weekend, dear MOP readers!

Your turn!

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IronSalamander8 .

FF14 quite a bit. I killed my WoW sub as BfA started off awesome but became irritating and boring for me in a hurry.

Also trying out the new Astroneer update which is really cool, Garden Warfare 2 as always, and some Creativerse.

Anthony Clark

Destiny 2: Forsaken, and Neverwinter


I got to ilevel 325 and then I realized…Oh yeah, I’m already behind and I’ve done all the quests. Now I need to do world quests for rep. And heroics. Then mythics, etc. Again and again. That’s why I quit last time.

I love the world. The art is amazing. That’s why I have always come back, really. But WoW is like a group-based Diablo. You grind gear over and over again. That’s what it is and it won’t ever be anything else. So had a fun month, but my interest has dropped off now that I’ve seen the beautiful world for this expansion.

I don’t have time to grind gear and rep when there are so many good games out now.

Castagere Shaikura

Its funny but i haven’t been interested in playing Wow in years. I couldn’t tell who any of the characters are in any of those video’s. I read about the uproar over burning a tree and think i have never taken an mmo story seriously ever and could care less. To me lately the stories in mmo’s are killing the games. MMO’s with main stories are so lame to me. How can everyone’s character be the world saver. Older mmo’s had it right to me. They didn’t need these stories.

Kickstarter Donor

Hello friends,

My holiday from my typical games seems to be continuing.

I actually ended up subbing to DC Universe Online. As I’ve said before, the game has some problems, and it’s not a flavor of game that everyone will enjoy, but I’ve found that — right now, at least — I really need to play a game like this.

I’m also dinking around with the Neverwinter MMORPG on my PS4. It’s … okay as something to casually poke at, but I’m not sure that it will last with me beyond that level.

Also, the PS4 version can be really effing annoying with its constant cash shop/lockbox hype in-game.

It’s a radical shift from what I’ve experienced playing the same publisher’s Star Trek Online on PC, where you can turn off the lockbox spam in-game, and they are a lot less annoying about trying to sell you things — at least in my experience.

Really enjoying Destiny 2: Forsaken thus far — more characters, more lore, more actual plot.

This is probably the first time I feel like I can sense the presence of former STO lead writer Christine “Kestrel” Thompson in the mix — who moved to Bungie after STO’s Iconian storyline concluded.

Like any good author, Thompson has certain storytelling themes and traits she favors, and I feel like I’m seeing them manifest here, which is a good thing in my world.

Nice to see the story aspect of Destiny 2 coming back, as it’s been largely absent since the end of the base game’s campaign, in my opinion.

Like many others here, I feel like I’m already getting kind of burnt out on World of Warcraft‘s Battle for Azeroth expansion.

It’s very pretty, and it’s certainly serviceable, but as a Horde player, I have little interest in the war aspect, which would require my character to serve as an accessory to undeniable (and stupid!) evil.

The rest is very nice — but I’m not finding it terribly compelling right now, if you know what I mean. I’m not wanting to log in just to see what happens next in the Zandalar storyline, and that’s usually a bad sign with me.

I’m still playing World of Warcraft, on and off, but I’m doing side stuff, unrelated to BfA.

As reader Thirty mentions below, part of the problem is, perhaps, that I really liked my character’s artifact from Legion as a part of my character’s personal story, and that’s just sort of gone now.

Sinilarly, I went pretty much everywhere with my battle-companion NPC, Akazamzarak, in Legion, but all of those NPC companions are just … gone … now, unable to be used outside of the Legion game zones.

It’s disheartening to invest in, and attach to, certain aspects of the game, when Blizzard seems to hit the “reset” button now after every new expansion pack releases.

Heck, I still visit my character’s Garrison from Warlords of Draenor semi-regularly!

So, I’m still subbed to WoW, but I can’t say how long I’ll stay. Blizzard seems to erase so much, so regularly, they may end up erasing me as a regular subscriber. We’ll see.

Lastly, I’ve been creeping back into Star Trek Online lately — but only to do short daily missions so far.

I suspect I won’t go back to my favorite game for real and for true until the Age of Discovery expansion drops later this autumn.

Take care of yourselves, and each other, please. It’s always good to see you here.



I went pretty much everywhere with my battle-companion NPC, Akazamzarak, in Legion, but all of those NPC companions are just … gone … now

Gah, you had to go and remind me of that… where’s Thisalee Crow when I need her to claw my back in BfA, eh? Arggh. /sob

Oleg Chebeneev

Doing ironman walkthrou of Divinity 2 definitive edition


I’ve ground to a halt at level 115 on Warcraft. The zones are pretty but my character doesn’t feel like my character any more… too many years of change for change’s sake I think – I feel like just another generic feral druid really, and it’s hard to commit any effort when I don’t know what’ll be wiped out in the next xpac (translation – I really liked my legendaries and felt it was rather crass the way they wrecked them).

I’ve been trying out NineLives, as recommended by Minimalistway. I love the feel of character that oozes from it, and the way it gives you things to look forward to. On the path from the start point I spotted an air balloon floating round a city in the distance and I experienced that feeling I had many years ago in early MMO zones – I wanted to go there. Alas, it has no invert mouse option, and I am cannot operate without inverted mouse (well, inverted trackball to be precise) so I had to put it down else be driven mad.

So I’m back into Destiny 2. I’ve spent most of last week with a bow, jumping through the air, headshotting those lovably cannon-foddery enemies and pretending I’m Legolas. I may even have once uttered ‘They have a cave troll‘ upon encountering one of the elites, because… well, because he looked a bit like one and I was living out my agile-elf-with-bow fantasy, dammit.

(Yes, I know that’s actually a Boromir line it would have made soooo much more sense if Legolas had said it)


You can ride a balloon around the city, i was walking randomly outside the city then found it, the game allow you to ride it without any “before that, do these 27 quests” :-)


This week:

“Wow, I wish that all of the stories in this game didn’t end with raids.”

…yep, agree there! And trying to stay alive while trying not to get /kick by some Recount-Nazi kinda loses the narrative of what the story was getting at in the distraction…if not the flavor. Someone should ask a developer if they ever tried to read through the conclusion of a good book in a middle of a tornado. I am pretty sure they wouldn’t remember the ending of it. Just saying. o.O

Also this week: I guess getting an Outlaw Rogue though end game gauntlet seems to mitigate all the horror stories I was hearing and posted about last week. I’ve only died thrice: Once when I wasn’t paying attention and twice to weekly World raid bosses (which is kinda expected, lol). Though my experience could be entirely anecdotal as well. /shrug :)

Have a great week and weekend folks! <3

Kickstarter Donor

Yes. “Raid-walling” most of the plotline conclusions is one of the things I dislike the most about World of Warcraft.

I’m there for the story — give me alternative access to the ending, please.



As friend always says, Frodo didn’t need to raid in order to destroy The One Ring. And inB4 someone yeah butts that, the Battle of the Morannon was more of a PvP thing.

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this week i mostly just took advantage of the cooler weather to nap even more. i did get some dos2 campaign action in tho which we have chosen to reroll in to the definitive edition.

also logged into wildstar to take a few screenshots of outfits but nothing too fancy.

and just enough space engineers to witness and record this feat of video game engineering:

and the subsequent downfall due to human error by the carrier pilot:

also my internet was out so i fiddled around making this remix with an incomplete and somewhat broken maschine install until i could reinstall everything between outages when i twas going up and down the next day.


This weekend is all about Spider-Man, DQXI, and MHGU with a friend.

A few nitpicks with each game aside, I’m having enormous amounts of fun. Been a great way to relax and recharge after a rather stressful week. Plus it’s been storming a lot, which is always nice. I hope everyone has a chill weekend.