Path of Exile fixes a solo Delve bug and kicks some players off the ladder

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Little bugs can have big ripple effects. Case in point, Path of Exile is knowingly kicking people off of its Delve league leaderboards who ought to be on there due to a bug. The bug, you see, was putting everyone with a solo clear on the solo leaderboards, when players weren’t supposed to get to the leaderboards without a streak of 10 beforehand. Thus, the reset is kicking off anyone without a current streak of 10.

Who gets caught in that? Players who had a solo placement on the boards but did some party play and thus lost their streak. The post acknowledges outright that it’s an error, but it’s the fairest possible way to correct the issue and that it’s early enough for players to be able to recover their places. Since the majority of solo entries on the board have only done the Delve content solo, it’s going to only effect some players, but at least the team is acknowledging that effect as humbly as possible.

There are other bug fixes too, of course. It’s just the one big one that’s most notable.

Source: Twitter