Pirate101 teases quest finder and expanded inventory as Wizard101 gears up for Empyrea part two

Wizard101 has been getting all the attention lately, what with its 10th birthday party festivities and all, but its younger sibling Pirate101 has plenty to offer too. KingsIsle’s latest newsletter for the pirate-themed kid-friendly MMORPG includes a rundown of the game’s next update, which is set to include a quest finder, expanded inventory, new mounts, skeleton key fights, item locking, and new pets too.

Wizard101, however, is gearing up for a much bigger patch: the next leg of of the Empyrea update. As fansite Frostcaller chronicles, we don’t actually know too much, other than that the update will conclude its arc with some sort of big fight but not necessarily solve everything. Naturally, there’s speculation on just who will be the epic villain for the finale. Even so, KingsIsle has apparently promised another arc after this one, so it doesn’t look as if the game is going anywhere, as evidence by its content plans and our previous coverage of Wizard101’s Steam rollout plans too.

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