Worlds Adrift’s latest update adds Alliances, tunes netcode, and fixes bugs


Worlds Adrift has had quite the week, releasing a new update as well as the latest dev podcast. The latest update, Update 26, added a major new feature to the game in the form of Alliances, which allow players to organize and communicate on a large scale. The system will be updated in the future to include an emblem creator for Alliance flags and sails, permission levels for Alliance members, and more.

The update also includes a number of backend updates, such as a reworking of ship netcode that should help reduce the amount of rubber-banding. It also fixes some bugs, such as one that caused Persistent Blights to be a little too persistent and stick around for hours or even days. Also, players now have a bit more control over the game thanks to new options in the settings menu. The full patch notes can be found over at the game’s official site, and players hungry for even more Worlds Adrift info can check out the latest dev podcast for a preview of what’s coming in Update 27.