ArenaNet introduces World Boss Teleport Device to Guild Wars 2 cash shop, unveils redesigned website

A new item added to the Guild Wars 2 cash shop allows players to teleport instantly to world bosses. The aptly named World Boss Portal Device, which costs 400 gems (or about $5 US), provides the holder with world-boss spawn notifications in their chat box and will teleport them instantly to the waypoint nearest to the selected world boss, even if that waypoint is contested. It’s worth noting that the device is usable only by level-80 characters, so lowbies will still have to get there the old-fashioned way.

Reaction to the new item has been mixed, with some players claiming it gives paying players an unfair advantage. Others, however, are less critical and seem to welcome the new item as a convenient-but-unnecessary quality-of-life improvement.

Also of note on the ArenaNet front, the studio has recently redesigned its website, sparking speculation about what projects ANet might have in the works. The site itself provides no clues, but some players seem to think that the revamped website is a precursor to something larger.

Source: /r/GuildWars2, ArenaNet official site
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