EVE Online posts its September patch, econ report, and fundraiser for CCP Mankiller

Money talks, but what it says isn't engaging sometimes.
Whether you think the Pearl Abyss buyout of CCP Games is certain doom or financial security, it’s still business as usual in the world of EVE Online, as evidenced by the latest update.

“The September release brings visual overhauls for the Osprey, Osprey Navy Issue, Basilisk and Etana, as well as the new Upwell Cargo Deposit feature for structures,” CCP says. “In addition to this a whole host of defect fixes and quality of life improvements are included with this release” – that includes more art updates to mission assets and secure containers, tweaks to mobile depots, and a long list of bug fixes, particularly to the UI.

Also live today is a tribute to CCP Mankiller, the former Lead Graphics Programmer for EVE Online, who passed away from cancer this summer at the way-too-young age of 44.

“With a nine-year tenure at CCP Games, he leaves behind a legacy of incredible work on EVE Online, including core programming work on Physically Based Rendering, as well as the Pattern Projection Technology that allows us to create the SKINs we all fly with on our favourite hulls. His love for New Eden was something few could ever compete with and despite tough times during his treatment and therapy, he still found the time to devote countless hours to further his work on EVE Online, diligently continuing to work with the Audio & Graphics Team until just days before he passed away.”

While CCP says it held its own internal fundraiser for his young family, players can help too by taking advantage of a brand-new skin set released in his honor, all proceeds for which will be donated to CCP Mankiller’s family. The studio says that when the $20,000 target goal is reached, the skin set will no longer be sold. o7, Mankiller.

Finally, if your interest in EVE is more about spreadsheets in space rather than out of space, the game’s monthly econ report is live. My favorite bits are still the maps that show peak players and destruction by system – not coincidentally very much linked.


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