Final Fantasy XI’s September patch lets you make your most powerful weapons even stronger

It's not exactly a spell in the traditional sense.

You’ve mastered your job in Final Fantasy XI. You have your most powerful weapons in hand. You are decked out in powerful gear. What more can you possibly do? You can augment your powerful weapons in the newest patch, that’s what. And make no mistake, this is something meant for very high-end players able to take on the absolute hardest challenges in Dynamis – Divergence. Also, you’ll need to deposit 10,000 job points and can deposit 700 per week, so… be patient.

For those of you not into “what do you do with the character who’s done everything” territory, there’s still a new cycle of Ambuscade content to explore. You can also augment a few new items which have slightly less stringent requirements. But mostly this is about making the players who have unlocked everything have a little more to unlock. Hooray for an ever-climbing top end!

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If this was in the game, I’d toss money at the screen so hard it would break the screen. Cause it would be mostly coins…cause I’m poor. But I’d still do it to get this.

Yoshi Senpai

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Get yo wallet ready!

Daniel Miller

Game always pulls me back. No other mmo padt or new has a strong force kike this game.