Overwatch is headlining this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle

Doooo not care

All right, where’s the one person on the planet who does not yet have Overwatch? Who is it? Is it you, the person reading this right now? Well, you can get in on it on the cheap now because it’s the headlining item on this month’s Humble Monthly Bundle. If you’ve missed it in the past, this is the service wherein you pay a subscription fee and then get a whole bunch of games every month for far below their retail price to add to your Steam library and then feel guilty about not playing.

Or maybe you could play them. It’s a fine line.

We don’t yet know what else will be inside this monthly bundle, but Overwatch for $12 is certainly cheaper than buying it at full retail prices. So if you’re tired of watching videos with hilarious plays of the game and want to make some of your own… here’s the game on the cheap. You’re welcome.

Source: Humble Monthly Bundle; thanks to Schmidt for the tip!

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I am the one who doesn’t have Overwatch!

Axetwin .

*raises hand* I don’t.


Stories of rampant trolling and toxicity are greatly exaggerated, trust me on this one. I used to play A LOT of Overwatch, and outside of competitive mode it’s very rare that you’ll see somebody being blatantly toxic or negative. You’re more likely to be facing a completely silent voice chat than anything else.

Vast majority of players are just like you and me – trying to have fun in an online shooter. For those that haven’t tried the game, i still recommend it – especially at this price.


Nah – you’d have to pay me a lot more than $12 to go play that game :P

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I’m one of the ones who doesn’t own Overwatch yet.

I’m just not driven by competition in games. Never have been. I don’t feel accomplished if I win, or inferior if I lose, so it’s hard to get invested in the drama of the competitive process.

It sure is an attractive game and franchise, though. I kind of wish they’d do more with the setting and lore — expand it to other kinds of games beyond “shoot the other team in the face before they shoot you”, but I can’t see Blizzard doing that any time soon.

Overwatch is already a goldmine, why would they risk “diluting the brand” as the suit-jargon goes?

My opinions, anyway,


I don’t have it, and after all the articles about the caustic behavior by the player base why would I? You can put scrotum belt sanding service on sale for free and I won’t be buying that either.


That free offer sounds like a great deal, I have so many names on my gift list…

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I don’t have it either. My grandson plays it, and I don’t think I want to compete with the 13-year olds, who are no doubt much nimbler than I would be at such a game. ; )

Robert Mann

I don’t have it, and I skipped the bundle this month too. I bought something else while paused. XD