Check out the BlizzCon attendee swag before you catch the pre-show kickoff

Evil Shooter Squad, ahoy!

Like Christmas, BlizzCon is arriving earlier every year. Yes, the actual convention doesn’t start until late October, but there’s a pre-show kickoff event taking place today, during which you can find out the in-game Overwatch skin awarded to all ticket holders both real and virtual. (We assume there will be other virtual stuff, but it’s not on the list.) You can also see an original video series about the event and the studio, so you’ll have something to watch before the main event starts up. In a month.

Those of you who have actual tickets, of course, will be able to enjoy a box of stuff that comes along with the convention, including a little vinyl figure of the eponymous Diablo and a set of Hearthstone magnets. There’s something for every game under the Blizzard banner, although one wonders if the World of Warcraft faction keychain is going to start a few show-floor brawls this year. And there’s no tote bag, if you like collecting those.

Obviously, we are planning to liveblog the convention as usual… but that’s in a month.


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$50 for the Digital Ticket now. Yikes. Unless the costs to stream it and such have gone up or if they’ve upped the quality of the service and such, kind of hard to justify that beyond arguing inflation.

Though having an actual Legendary skin in Overwatch is new. Previous two years they’ve just been two Epic skins of Winston and Bastion which were essentially just reskins with a specific color scheme + Blizzcon logos.

Wonder what the other digital goodies will be, and if the OW skin is any indication of there being a big Diablo announcement or something.